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Top five free AI tools to help marketers write better quicker

Quillbot. Peggy. Jasper. These might sound like House of the Dragon characters. But they’re among the countless new kids on the writers’ block of free AI writing tools for wordsmiths. Are you an ideas-rich and time-poor marketer? Believe me, I’ve been there. Or maybe you need a cure for blank-screen anxiety that strikes mid email …

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One of the most important thing you need to code is a good Integrated Development Environment (IDE). There is a wide range of IDEs from the simple and free to the most sophisticated and expensive. IDEs range from language specific ones to multi-language support. Having the right IDE can help a developer manage workflows, access …

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Tech resume

Writing a tech resume can be overwhelming. Here are some tools and resources that can help you find the right format that works for you. There are some resume builders, courses to teach you how to write a tech resume, articles from famous platforms, and templates providers. Resume builder Course Articles Templates provider


When starting to study computer science, the first thing I learned was the existence of the terminal. I had to open a terminal and start writing some basic command lines written on a long lab exercise. What a discovery for me at first! “A terminal gives the user a way to issue commands directly to …

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Design systems

A Design System is basically a library of components, visuals, and principles with reusable code. This evolving kit offers a UX and UI repository for designers and developers of digital products and services. The construction of a Design system offers many advantages. This solution facilitates the work of the teams and reduces the “design debt” …

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CMS stands for “Content Management System”. If you ever create a website without using a CMS you would have to code everything from scratch (in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.) However, if you don’t have any knowledge in coding, or if you want to save a lot of time, you better should use a CMS. There …


Salary comparators

Certain subjects are banned from conversations in the workplace. Among the most sensitive topics are politics, religion, and salary. The question of remuneration is particularly kept secret here in France. It’s even more complicated to know your worth when you are a junior and have no confidence in how to negotiate your salary. However, these …

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