Best 24 women’s tech YouTube channels

YouTube has become one of the first places we turn to when we need any information, including tech-related topics. Some technical concepts can be very complicated to understand, so having an explanatory video can make it easier to comprehend. Also, it is more personal to watch a video from a YouTuber, you can relate to the person, it creates a special connection that you can’t have only by reading an article. Women tech YouTubers are emerging, and they are creating amazing content. I was able to gather a list of 24 best women’s tech YouTube channels, and I’ll be adding more to the list along the way.

Note: This time I didn’t add my own YouTube channel to the list, as I published only one video 3 years ago. It was a tutorial in French on how to create a basic website with HTML and CSS. Not my best work. I don’t think I have the vibe and talent to become a YouTuber, haha. I’ll stick to blogging.


I hope you found this list useful.

If you know any other resource or tool not mentioned in the article, please share it in the comment section below, I’ll update the list with every relevant suggestion from you.

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