Write tech articles

You may have already thought about starting your own tech blog, but you don’t know where to start. Or maybe you want to practice writing tech articles to share your expertise without actually starting a whole blog. One solution to this problem is to write on dedicated platforms or websites that allow guest writers to publish articles.

There are a lot of advantages :

  • Excercise: You get to practice and improve your tech writing skills.
  • Money: Some sites may also pay you for your writing work.
  • Visibility: It is a good way to self-promote your work

Some platforms are open to everyone, and other websites require you to go through an application process first. I have gathered a list of 14 platforms and websites where you can practice your tech writing skills. I hope you will find what suits you best.

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Write tech articles


I hope you found this list useful.

If you know any other resource or tool not mentioned in the article, please share it in the comment section below, I’ll update the list with every relevant suggestion from you.

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