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Would you like to learn the most popular programming languages of today, or how about coaching the under-represented into a fulfilling career in tech? Join us at codebar locations around the world, for free coding sessions with knowledgeable software developers from many exciting roles in the industry. Gain inside knowledge of what a developer’s role looks like and attend local meetups and tech events. Discover codebar this autumn!

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Two students sitting at the table, programming on laptops whilst the third eats dinner.
As I am writing this, autumn is rapidly approaching. In July, we at codebar Birmingham in the UK, had our first face-to-face coding workshop in over two years. We offer free regular programming workshops in a safe environment where the under-represented discover the excitement of tech. Selfless individuals inside and outside of the technology industry, offer their free time to coach others in the art of coding. We provide tutorials in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, PHP and Git.
The workshop was held at Bluetel Solutions in the heart of Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, where the future blends with the past. After ringing the doorbell, a codebar developer, led us through the stunning foyer of the Assay Studios, the former assay office, past a repurposed vault and up to the student area. An evening of coding, discussion and networking (with pizza of course) was had by all. For our first session, we had three coaches and three students collaborating on topics such as JavaScript, TypeScript, The Odin Project and working in tech.
Our one-to-one workshops tend to be free-flowing with the students choosing their own topics. We describe the event as a student-led pair-programming session, where the students can obtain guidance on our tutorials, personal projects, and online programming puzzles from sites like Codewars. This list is not limited, as sometimes the students will find themselves introduced to further technologies like React or Flask for web development.

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Programming students sitting around several tables.
Our coaches come in many guises, from CEOs to junior developers. They don’t need to be super experienced developers. They just require good listening skills, patience and the will to mentor. I have seen a JavaScript coach guide a Python student through testing. Skills from other programming languages are transferable and online searching skills are universal. Often, the coach learns something from the student as well.

We are looking to grow codebar Birmingham this year, by networking with other tech groups like Brum.js and TechMids. Though we are part of a thriving network in the West Midlands of England, codebar is comprised of several chapters throughout the UK, Europe and further afield. For those without a chapter near them, remote connection is still available.

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